Candling – Day 8

Candling – Day 8

I’d never candled eggs before so I wasn’t sure what I would be able to see on day 4 when I candled my 16 Serama eggs. I watched a video beforehand and looked at the little pictures on the instructions that came with my candler. The only thing I knew was that I was looking for a little black dot and some spider vein looking blood vessels around it. On day 4, I saw two with black dots and spider looking blood vessels clearly, two of the eggs just had some blood vessels and the rest of the eggs I wasn’t sure of. I saw something dark inside some of them but no defined black dots or blood vessels.

I candled them quickly because I was concerned about the temperature and humidity dropping in the incubator with the cover off. I made a mental note of where the two that looked like they were developing and the two that I saw just blood vessels in were in the incubator.

I candled them again last night after learning a little bit more about candling. The egg that had just some blood vessels, in the middle of the egg, was a chick that had started to develop but stopped. Non-fertilized eggs are clear. The embryo of developing chicks can be seen moving and the little spider looking blood vessels can be seen extending around the air sac.

My eggs have been incubating now for 9 days. I candled them for the second time last night so as of day 8 I currently have one egg that I’m still a little unsure of. Its darker than the non-fertilized eggs yet I don’t see any blood vessels. I suspect that one is a non-fertilized egg but because it looks different maybe it’s just a late bloomer. 11 of the 16 eggs are non-fertilized. Two have stopped developing and in two of the eggs I could see the embryo moving around. It was really exciting to see life inside them.

I expect all 16 to develop and hatch. The eggs were shipped and I’ve heard that the hatch rate for Seramas is lower and for shipped eggs in general. I was surprised how many of the eggs were not fertilized. I don’t know if people selling eggs check them before shipping to see if they have been fertilized. It’s a question that I will have to ask if I ever buy eggs again. Even so, I’m thrilled that four were and that two are developing.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping the two that are developing make it to hatch and are both ok. I will know for sure about the first week of October.

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