Final Housing

Final Housing

As I explained in this post about my first coop mistakes, I began to search for a coop once again. I had decided that I wanted a regular coop similar to the barn style Amish type coops and I would attach a run to that.

I looked around at various different coops that were made really well but the price point on them was a sticky point. One day I found one advertised that was not nearly as expensive as the ones that I’d been looking at. I went to check it out and it was a bright teal color that looked like a shed. The person that I bought it from explained that a friend of his had won the coop at a cancer benefit and that was why it was a bright teal color. The person I bought it from wasn’t in the business of selling coops. It was marked down because he wanted to sell it quickly. I really loved the color and I liked the idea that my coop had a little back story even if those two things weren’t on my list of things that I was looking for.

It’s a 5 x 8 foot coop with four nesting boxes and 6 working windows. There is a lot of light and between the windows and the vents it has plenty of ventilation. There is a great deal of roosting space, the front doors open all the way, and I can stand up inside of it which makes it really easy to clean.

It has everything that I was looking for in a coop. In addition to the decent size, good ventilation and plenty of roosting space it also has key locks on the front doors, the nest boxes and even the little chicken door on the side has a lock. It also has two locking storage compartments at the back on either side of the nesting boxes. It is solid and doesn’t leak. It was cheaper than my last coop and the person that I bought it from delivered it for free.

Before the coop arrived, I put some pavers down to level the land thought it still wasn’t perfectly level. I really should have done that better and actually dug out the land before putting the pavers to make it more level but I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. The man who delivered it spent some time getting it leveled as best he could on the pavers.

I painted the inside and put some rolled vinyl flooring down on the poop boards and the floor to be able to keep it cleaner. I covered the windows on the outside with some hardware cloth to ensure nothing could rip the screens and gain access into the coop.

Underneath the coop there is a small run for the chickens. I was adding an attached run so I didn’t need that area unless perhaps for storage. I decided just to close off the whole area and I put some hardware cloth over the welded wire to prevent snakes and other small animals from getting under it and making a home there.

I put pavers down in the area that the run was going to be. I wanted to ensure that nothing would dig under the run. The idea of putting the pavers down concerned me a little because I couldn’t help but think that my poor chickens would be on bedding that was on top of pavers instead of on the grass. That thought was short-lived once I remembered that within two weeks my chickens would have killed all the grass anyway.

I purchased all the supplies for my friend to build the run. He built the frame and a tunnel area between the coop and the run. That portion is only a 4 x 4 x 4 foot area but I’ve used it to hold the chickens between the coop and the run if I needed to do any work in the run that required leaving the doors open. The rest of the run is a 12 x 10 foot area, has a slanted metal roof and two doors. One regular sized door and one on the opposite side that is 5 feet wide which allows me to bring larger things in and out of the run if I need to. I stapled hardware cloth to the frame and used furring strips to secure it even more.

It worked out really well. When I originally got this setup I had three chickens. Although I didn’t plan to get any more I did make sure that both the coop and the run would accommodate more than 3 chickens just in case at some point I changed my mind. Which of course I did, about 4 months later.

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