So Much To Learn

Every day this week, I’ve set aside some time to take some photos. I haven’t even had my camera a whole week and I’ve already taken hundreds of pictures. Why I like one picture better than another is still a mystery but I’m hoping with time I can figure out what makes one look better than another (to me, anyway). While I don’t have a full understanding of it yet, I have been thinking a lot about lighting. I find that I now notice how light hits an objects and the shadows that are created. I don’t have it all figured out yet but much more time has been going into where I want to be when I take a shot. To try to get a better understanding, I’ve also spent some time taking black and white photos. I can’t believe how much there is to learn but one thing that has amazed me is that I have never noticed how the way light can really affect the way an object looks. I spend time thinking about and noticing light and what would make a good photo even when I don’t have my camera with me.

I’d like to write regularly but choosing which photos to share has been challenging. I’ve decided to share some of the close-ups that I’ve done over the past week. The maple helicopter was the first picture that I took with my camera. I don’t know what it is but there is something about the helicopter picture that I like. I’m not sure if it is the picture itself or the fact that I have a lot of memories of playing with those things when I was a child. I’d throw them in the air and watch them spin around until they hit the ground. Last Sunday, I took the photo of the thorn branch. It came out differently from what I had imagined. I was thinking that the together the branch and the bushes would make a frame. Although, it wasn’t what I expected, I was surprised how clearly the branch stood out in the photo. The picture of the fly was taken today. I was sitting outside and a fly landed on my patio. I thought it was pretty interesting how the top of the fly was glistening in the sunlight. I didn’t want to scare the fly away so I couldn’t get as close to it as I wanted to. This picture had to be cropped but I really liked that I could see the glistening, the wings, and the shadow of the fly.

Maple stick fly