Day 28 – of 30 Days of Play

We played a game of table soccer tonight. The first to score 10 was the winner.  The “table” for this game was quite small. The bar that held my goalie was bent and sometimes the ball got stuck so we had to find a work around. Blowing on the game moved the ball quite nicely. In fact, I found it worked nicely to move the ball faster even when it wasn’t stuck. Rich had to make a rule to stop that from happening, “you can’t blow on it if the ball is already in play”. I didn’t like Rich’s new rule!!! After the change in rules Rich caught up quickly. The game ended 8 to 10. 

Playing tonight made me wonder about cheating. Can one cheat in a game without rules? Are rules always assumed? In the game tonight, I thought Rich was cheating and he thought I was cheating but once we said that certain things weren’t allowed, we both stopped doing those things. Before the rules were stated, even though we both knew how the game is played, it was more of a “do whatever it takes to win” kind of game. 

We were challenged tonight because the game was not made well. We both did things to tip the game in our own favor (Rich lifted the game a couple of times to tilt the ball and I blew on the ball more often than I should have) but rules or no rules we had a fantastic time playing tonight.