Day 29 – of 30 Days of Play

I can’t remember the last time I finger painted but it is something that I really should do more often. It was an amazing night of play for both of is. Rich announced after he had finished his painting, “I love finger painting!”

Once again, I found the way that Rich and I go about creating things is very different. We have our own way of playing just as we each have our own way of doing everything else in our lives. 

I had an idea of what I was going to do as I was getting out the supplies. I used a lot of the paint trying to make brown and orange. I didn’t realize how little red is needed to add to yellow to make the orange. It worked out great though because I was able to have different colors for the leaves on my tree. Mixing the colors, dipping my fingers into the paint, and patting my painty fingers onto the page brought out the child in me quickly. In the past, I have painted with brushes but using my fingers was so much more exciting. It was freeing to get all messy while creating. 

Rich didn’t intentionally mix any colors His picture was just a spontaneous creation he made. He was whistling as he slid his paint colored fingers across the page. It was a wonderful, playful sight to listen and watch him. After he was finished, he decided to do a little body art too. That was even funnier to watch. (Now that the body art paint has dried and Rich is no longer totally lost in the moment, I am sure he is happy that I bought washable paint). When I asked him what his picture was, his replied “I don’t know. I was just letting my inner demon out.”  Rich’s inner demon was full of life, incredibly playful, and sooo much fun to play with tonight. 

I can’t think of anything more energizing and exciting than the two of us playing, totally unconcerned about the messiness of our play, totally lost in time – together,  while we shared something so basic as painting with our fingers.