Power of words

Have you ever spent time trying to think of a good name for something and combine it with something that you have always wanted to do? A name that resonated with you on such a deep level that there was no question in your mind that it was something you needed to do as soon as possible? That’s what happened to me the other day except that I decided to create this site AFTER the words came to me!


I’ve always wanted to find a way to connect with people, inspire them, interact with them, and hear their thoughts and stories. I love people. I thought that making this site was a great way to do something that I’ve always wanted to do. The neat thing was that I didn’t have to struggle to pick a name for the site, the two ideas just collided at about the same time. As I started writing this first post, I began to think about words in general. How certain words have meaning to us. Words have power. Positive words can actually enrich our lives and create positive outcomes for us. For example, words like gratitude, learning, hope, curiosity, friends, family, acceptance, peace, etc. These words along with many others have so much meaning. The words that are important to your world may be different from the words that I might choose. I’m sure if I were to ask 100 people, I would get different answers from everyone. That’s what makes us all so unique!!!

To live, love and, play today, think of three words that resonate with you, three words that make you feel that you are living a good life, three words that make you feel love and you simply love the whole idea of the word itself, and play with these words, in any order until you realize that when you say the three words, you are actually affirming what you want or have in your life.

Which three words did you choose today? Feel free to comment below.