Day 30 – of 30 Days of Play

I can’t believe how quickly the 30 days of play has gone by. We both agreed to keep playing together regularly. We aren’t committing to daily play but whenever the mood strikes we won’t be shy about having a play date together. We both have seen how beneficial this time playing together has been. We have connected with each other in a wonderful way. We have learned about ourselves and we have learned things about one another. 

Tonight we spent time on our patio playing with sidewalk chalk. Seeing the whole patio as our canvas, we chose what we wanted to do. I found sitting on the ground drawing extremely relaxing. As usual when we were doing our drawings we were silent. Each focused on what we were doing and each experiencing the moment. 

I drew several different things and Rich spent all his time drawing one thing. We drew at the same time, on the same patio but I didn’t watch what Rich was doing because I was too immersed in my own work. He didn’t see my drawings until he was finished.  

When Rich came inside he said he liked mine better than his. He told me that he usually likes my creations more than he likes his own. I found that interesting because I usually feel that his creations are much more spontaneous. They seem to be more free flowing than mine.  We both have had these moments of comparison but it hasn’t made us feel as though we were not as good as the other and they never occur during our play time.  We both feel very proud of our own drawings. When we step back to admire our work, we both feel like artists and we both see the other as an artist.