Day 6 – of 30 Days of Play

Rich wanted to play “let’s make something out of tin foil.”  I wasn’t really, really thrilled to play because, in the past, I have had a difficult time coming up with something to make out of tin foil (something other than a big tin foil ball). Tonight, I chose to make an airplane but it really didn’t look very much like an airplane. I think they look better made of paper than they do tin foil. I flattened out my piece and started over. I stared at it for a little while before deciding that I could do a lot more with the piece if I ripped it into pieces. I am not sure why I have never thought of this before. I ripped one piece off and decided to make a circle. Once I saw the circle, I knew that I was going to make a tin foil, faceless (because I couldn’t figure out how to put a face in the empty spot) stick figure. I became completely absorbed in making my “person” just the way I wanted to. I got the arms and legs on it and then bent it in all different ways so that it would sit on the table. When I got it all set, I thought that it might look good with a hat on too. The hat worked out okay but it didn’t look great. My next addition to the tin foil person was having it hold a balloon. That was a mistake!!! It kept falling over.

Rich watched me make the airplane before he started to make anything. Unlike me, he didn’t just dive in to make something but rather thought it through beforehand. Once he started, he remained almost completely silent until he was finished. He made a boat and what a great looking boat it was!

He placed his boat next to my stick figure and I immediately thought that my little person could go into the boat. It fit perfectly into the boat but the legs blended in with the tin foil of the boat making my stick figure, that was already faceless, look legless too. After removing it from the boat, we told each other stories about our tin foil projects. Rich is really great at coming up with names. He named his boat the “SS Let’s Have Fun.” I named mine Fragella because it was so fragile. While I was trying to think of a name, I happened to move it a little and it started to fall apart. In fact, just after I came up with the name, the head fell off completely.

I picked up the head and made it into a heart and then made and R and an L (our first initials) and put it over the heart. Rich turned his boat into a canoe and once again came up with an awesome name for it “Tippy Canoodle Canoe.”

We sat around talking for a little while and Rich reminded me that I had thought the whole thing would be too boring. I told him that I did have a lot of fun even though my head fell off (of my tin foil figure) and he replied “it is okay to lose your head as long as you hold onto your heart.” I looked at the table and saw the heart I had made using the stick figure’s head and we laughed again. (If I ever go into business where I need someone to help with marketing, Rich is definitely going to be my go to man).

I loved making something out of the tin foil but most importantly I loved making up a story about what we had made and then bringing the stories together. My story ended with the stick person finding the boat and meeting the boat people. Also, creating something else out of the same piece when we were finished was just as fun as it was the first time we made something. We played so much longer than I thought we would because we were having such a good time.








Day 6 – of 30 Days of Play — 2 Comments

  1. Again, great fun, but I think you really nailed it with your tin foil person. I look at that figure and I see your spirit and your essence, except you’re not as fragile as Fragella. Um, I think I’ll leave it at that.

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