Day 21 – of 30 Days of Play

Rich and I made some paper airplanes tonight. Rich excels at making awesome airplanes. He made a stealth flyer that flew completely straight and made it into the next room. I decorated a piece of paper that resembled an airplane. My plane would only fly in circles. Rich said that my wings were uneven and that was what was causing the issue. As I was making it, I didn’t think it would make much of a difference if it wasn’t perfect. Now I know why he took such care in making this stealth flyer. I named mine High Flyer but later had to change the name to Corner Flyer because it did a great job going in a circle. If I was in the right spot in the room, it would have gone right around the corner. It was like a boomerang plane! If it had gone around the corner the wall would have been the only thing that would have prevented it from returning to me.

We had a good time flying them to see which could go further. Afterwards, I asked Rich to try to fly my plane because I wondered if I was flying it right. Rich had said something about balance when flying a plane. I just flew it because I didn’t have a clue what he meant. He tried to fly mine and it went in a smaller circle than when I flew it. I guess it wasn’t about the balance. My plane failed in all the airplane races that we had tonight. It was a disgrace but it gave us something to laugh about.  Rich should win an award for the precision he had when directing his plane forward. He should have named his plane Champion Flyer.



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  1. I don’t know about champion. I only remember that when I was a kid. We had many different ways of making a paper airplane. I also remember that we would sometimes attach paper clips to the plane to keep it from unfolding or to adjust the balance. No paper clips tonight, though. All the other designs are lost to memory. The only design I remember was the simplest one. We didn’t know about the KISS principle back then, but we knew what worked.

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