Day 20 – of 30 Days of Play

Rich and I played I Spy for a long time tonight. We decided to play in the room with the most things to make it more challenging. I had always played where you started with the color of something and then the other person guessed. When Rich played, one person told the other person the first letter of the object. This made it extra challenging. What we found was that we don’t always call certain objects by the same name. For example, one object he chose was something that I call a quilt yet he told me that it started with the letter B (for blanket). Neither of us picked anything that was really easy to guess. We gave each other several hints in each round which was a good thing or we would probably still be trying to guess the first thing.

I used to play this game with my grandmother when I was a little kid. I thought that she was the greatest I Spy player in the world because she was so good at guessing the things that I was thinking of. It occurred to me tonight that the reason she could guess so well was because I always made her guess the very same objects that she had me try to guess the time before.

Tonight was great. I hadn’t realized how long we had been playing until afterwards when I looked at the clock. One of the things that I enjoyed about the game was seeing and thinking about something and Rich having no idea what the object was. I began to realize, as I watched him trying to figure it out, that there were many things that are the same color or start with the same letter right there in front of us. It is a game that raises your awareness to your surroundings. I sit in that room every day and there were so many objects in the room that I haven’t ever thought about until we played the game. Also, it is always surprising when you finally guess something at how easy it should have been. Sometimes the things right in front of us are the hardest to find.

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