Yay!!! We had so much fun creating pictures with macaroni (I also used one paper clip and a few craisins).

The room was silent as we worked on our projects. It took us almost an hour to make our creations and we were so immersed in our own project that we barely spoke to each other. One sentence was said several times “I need the glue” and one other sentence was uttered once “don’t be hogging the glue.” Both sentences were uttered by Rich so it is pretty easy to guess who was holding the glue most of the time.  For some reason, I found it easier to work while holding the glue in one hand and sticking the macaroni with the other. I think that we would have completely forgotten that we were in the same room if we weren’t using glue to stick our macaroni to the paper.

Rich started out making a flower but then he wasn’t sure what it turned into. To me it looks like a flower in a flower-pot. I was going to make a person but changed my mind quickly and made a tree, then a fence, then a barn, some grass, some flowers, and a yellow and orange sunshine. I think it’s great that macaroni comes in so many colors now. It makes everything look more alive.

Rich loved playing tonight. He said that it was sticky but fun. I normally don’t like to have my fingers get sticky from glue but I especially enjoyed it tonight. I was so deeply involved in creating that it didn’t bother me at all. It was all part of the fun!

Rich's macaroni "flower"

Rich’s macaroni “flower”

My macaroni yard

My macaroni yard

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